Passionate about Internet marketing? Then you could win this $500 college scholarship

Technology constantly slides in almost every area of our lives. And the educational sector is no exception. In fact, most people enrolling with a university today have grown up online. So it’s no wonder that modern students expect and want always-on access to the Internet and resources whether they are on or off campus for a more flexible learning experience.

But traditional on-campus environments are unlikely to inspire this new generation of students, which instead has turned its attention to distance learning education. Or its more modern equivalent – online college degree programs.

Online universities weren’t a thing a few decades ago, but today there are so many digital higher-education institutions offering their services online. What’s more, modern distance learning education schools are now more diverse than ever.

Live near a campus that doesn’t offer the programs you want? Don’t worry. Just look online, and you’re bound to find something in league with your wishes and needs.

Even better, in recent years, online college degree programs have begun to be backed up by accreditation. This means, that skepticism regarding the quality of programs at online universities has started to fade.

Even traditional colleges have started to understand the value of online college degree programs in the digitized society. So a lot of old-school universities have begun offering online programs, as well.

At this point it seems online universities are here to stay. Especially since we’re seeing so many complaints regarding the high fees at traditional colleges.

Distance learning education makes higher-education a little bit more affordable. It’s still not dirt-cheap, but studying online gives you some financial flexibility. You won’t have to move to another city, pay rent or worry about commuting expenses. Which might not seem much, but believe us in four years, it amounts to a lot.

Instead you could save up that money and use it to pay for your degree. Even so, you might still have a hard time doing so.

It’s understandable. Which is why as soon as you decide you want to go college, you need to start looking and applying for scholarships. These are free money grants that don’t have to be repaid once you graduate. Which makes them perfect candidates to help you fund your college experience.

You could apply for scholarships like the Taylor Right scholarship. The only requirement here is to be enrolled or to have been accepted with a college program at a university in the US.

In order to apply you need to write a 1000-word essay in which you describe why you think businesses need internet marketing in order to grow.

The deadline for this grant is October 20, 2018 and if you win you’ll receive a scholarship worth $500. This will be sent directly to your college or your university.

So if you have an interested in internet marketing, don’t hesitate to apply for this grant. It might be a small-amount scholarship, but at least the competition for this one shouldn’t be too fierce.


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