The Alumni Legacy Award offers $1000 Aid to Students Starting Their College Education in Augustana University

Your family may be one of the inspirations behind your choices of degree program or which university to get your college education. Sometimes, you may even follow the footsteps of your loved one in the bachelor degree that he or she worked so hard towards getting. If you are one of these students who would like to continue a legacy of their loved one, then you may want to consider applying to Augustana University where they are offering grants and awards to students who have a loved one who got their college education or is an alumnus of the institution.

The Augustana University, or commonly known as ‘Augie’ by their students, is one of the leading schools in the country which is known for their wide range of liberal arts degree program. It is definitely a prestigious university which will make working towards your bachelor degree worth it. Different institutions and organizations have recognized and praise the academic standing of the Augustana University and its ‘selective’ process of accepting students. The university is known for having strict standards and almost half of the accepted students were at the top spot in their high school with almost an average of 3.7 in their GPA.

However, do not let its credentials and selectiveness intimidate you so long you have the courage and perseverance to pursue this institution. The Augustana University is a private university, so it may also be a bit pricey for some who are currently financially struggling. However, if you have a loved one who is an alumnus of the university, then it might interest you to apply to the university and be awarded with the Alumni Legacy Award which offers $1000 aid to educational fees or needs like campus housing, tuition, and other academic related needs. It could be awarded to students who have parent, grandparent, sibling, or spouse who have earned their undergraduate or master’s degree from the institution. The award is renewable and could be given per year to selected students who have verified their eligibility through the university Office of Admission or Financial Aid. If you have an immediate family member or family member, depending if the institution has verified your relationship is eligible for the award, then go to for more information regarding the award. You can also visit to check out details on how to apply to the university.

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